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What does the product contain?
Lycra inner lining containing beads + zipper. Cover - 90% Cotton 10% Lycra.
Our quality fabrics are stretchy and pleasant to the touch and adapt to the shape of your body.

Where can I use the product?
All our products are designed for indoor use except for our outdoor department products which are designed to last outdoors as well.

How long does the product last?
We, at Milega, use the highest quality fabrics and with proper maintenance the product may last several years. All products have a dual layer of fabric so that over time the cover may be replaced and Styrofoam beads may be added if necessary.

Is there a warranty for the products?
Definitely. There is a one year warranty for seams and zippers.

Is the cover machine washable?
The cover may be washed in a washing machine at 300C degrees gentle cycle and dried in a tumble drier or hung inside out in the shade.

What do you mean by refreshing the bean bag?
Since Styrofoam beads get packed over time (it's their nature). Milega makes available packages of Styrofoam beads for purchase at our certified retailers so you may refill your bean bag and make it firm and super comfortable as new.

Are covers available for purchase independently?
Yes. You may purchase external covers to replace your old one for our entire Yogi series and garden and outdoor series..

How can I get my product?
Delivery time: up to 7 days
Shipping Price: 89 NIS
Up to 12 installments with 0% interest